Sense-making About Space

Roundtable chaired by Juan Francisco Salazar on Sense-making about Space, as part of a 9-part webinar series convened by the Academy of the Social Sciences during August 2021.

This first session focuses on how we understand and make sense of space through historical, cultural, philosophical and social lenses.

Borders of astrobiology: (un)disciplined futures

This event stages an interdisciplinary conversation looking at astrobiology as a field that opens ethical questions about cosmic entanglements and environmental futures. It asks: what happens to astrobiology, or if one starts from astrobiology, when justice and ethics enlighten possible modes of relating to environments on and off Earth? A keynote speech will be followed by short panel interventions and a Q&A.

Keynote speaker: Juan Francisco Salazar (Western Sydney University)

Panellists: Shonil Bhagwat, Karen Olsson-Francis, Nisha Ramkissoon (The Open University)

Chair: Alessandra Marino (AstrobiologyOU, The Open University)

Klein College Lecture: Dr. Juan Francisco Salazar

Informed by video ethnographic work in the Antarctic Peninsula and the production of a series of environmental communication and media projects, including digital storytelling, the feature-length documentary film Nightfall on Gaia (2015), and an online game, this talk explores the role of communication and media practices in developing accounts of world-making processes through which extreme environments are made habitable.